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Welcome to Grand theft auto myths Wiki The wiki about (fill in topic) that anyone can edit7 articles since (Month) (Year) its actually about the myths in gta and if you want you can investigate the myths and then post your findings

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what need to be investigated. please add what you encountered here so that people may investigate. ratman. bigfoot. ghost cars. ufos. aliens. serial killer and mass grave. the heart of liberty city. shady creek creature. leatherface. sunken ships. sprunk factory ghost. dockland ghost. middle park measum ghost. growling noise. horror or screaming noises. strange calls. the epilsion cult. bears. claude speed in gta 4. mothman. aldea ghost town. easter egg in vice city. drowned man in vice city. las brujas ghost town. gta 4 sunken ship with ghosts. tv ghost. cj moms ghost cemetary, cj house. piggsy. ghost vortex. mount chillad curse. yeti. mount chillad ghost car. sea monster. lake monster. cave monster. wheelchair. zombies. zombo sinister zombie experiment facilty. area 51 aliens. san fierro ufos. las venturas ufos. liberty city ufos. liberty city car grave. vice city car grave sunken. yellow door in the sky. suicide ped.

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