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Suicidal Photographers

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Suicidal Photographers
Suicidal Photographer
Name: Suicidal Photographers
Appearance: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Location: Flint County, San Andreas
Status: Exists
Location Map
Suicidal Photographer location 2

Suicidal Photographers is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Suicidal Photographers stand off the side of a road, next to the river that divides Los Santos from Flint County. They get down on their knees and take a few pictures of the river. After they take a few pictures, they stand up, hang their head low and walk slowly into the river and drown themselves. Their bodies float back up to the surface and they are dead.

When you leave the area and come back, a new photographer will appear and drown itself just like the last one.


Flint county.


  • This is one of the few myths in San Andreas that are true.
  • If the player punches the photographer, the photographer will run into the river and drown or will take pictures of the player.
  • If the player is looking for a camera in the game, killing the photographer is a good way to do so because you can take their camera.


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